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ジャンル 国際関係論・地域協力

カバー写真 Heralds of One Asia: Creating an Asian Community
(ワンアジアの使者たちーアジア共同体をめざしてー 英語版)

鮎川 良著



Chapter 1 Conceiving the Idea of an Asian Community
1. Starting from Nothing and Confusion
2. Rapid Spread of Endowed Courses
3. Popularity of Privately Endowed but Neutral Courses

Chapter 2 Interviews with Professors from Universities in Korea
1. Seeking a Resolution amid Deteriorating Japan?Korea Relations
2. Translation: Bridging the Gap between Japan and Korea
3 Studying the USSR at a US University
4. Establishment of an Asian Community Research Center
5. International Exchange over Korean Royal Court Cuisine
6. Through Snow-covered Scenery to Gachon University

Chapter 3 Bandung One Asia Convention
1. Holding the Convention at the Venue for the Asian-African Conference
2. Significance of the Asian-African Conference
3. Departing for Bandung
4. Cooperation of Indonesian Universities
5. “I Want to Visit Japan!” Japanese-speaking Indonesian Students
6. The Professor Network and Flourishing International Courses

Chapter 4 Sympathizers for the Creation of an Asian Community
1. Loch Leaksmy: Singlehandedly Creating a Japanese Language Program
2. First Endowed Course in Southeast Asia: Indonesia University of Education
3. Importance of Interdisciplinary Exchange
4. Learning History for Peace
5. China’s Yanbian University and Immigrant Ethnic Minorities
6. Holding Memorable Classes
7. Bilingual Ability for International Exchange
8. National Power ≠ Military Power
9. Why Did My Father Die in The Pacific War?
10. Protecting Asian Currencies through Economic Cooperation
11. Losing Sight of the Mountain: Importance of Learning How to Think
12. Two Thousand Years of Friendly Japan?China Relations
13. An Asian Community: From Theory to a Field of Study
14. The Arts: Commonalities across Asia
15. Teaching Architecture at Kokushikan University

Chapter 5 The Heralds of One Asia: Expanding the Network
1. Chairman Sato’s Philosophy
2. “Graduate” from Walls
3. Foundation Activities Matching One’s Life
4. Encounters between the Foundation and Professors
5. University Professor Network: Rapid Overseas Expansion
6. Heralds of One Asia
7. From Doubt to Resonance
8. A Quiet Revolution for a New Era

Chapter 6 “Having Taught an Asian Community Course…”
1. Prediction for the 22nd Century: An Asian Community
2. Sharing Differences in Perspectives
3. The First Step
4. Korea University’s Famous Course
5. Financial and Economic East Asian Unification
6. Set Aside Territorial Issues and Promote Civilian Exchange
7. A Community Not Based on Hegemony
8. Importance of Cultural Exchange in Creating an Asian Community
9. A Small Step toward Understanding in Asia
10. Organization of People with a Vision
11. Friendly Relationship based on Mutual Growth: Thailand and Japan
12. Asian Attempt at History
13. “Cooperation Is Strength”: The Wisdom of Mongolia
14. Protecting Domestic Security

Chapter 7 Learning from Asian Community Courses
1. Listen to the Voices of Asia
2. An Asian Community and Me
3. Japanese People: Go Overseas!
4. What Is an Asian Community? Why Is It Necessary?
5. A United East Asia
6. Opportunity to Study Asian History and Politics
7. An East Asian Studies Department
8. Someone Needs to Take the Lead
9. A Course I Was Fortunate to Attend
10. Emulate the EU
11. My Dream of Assisting in the Formation of an Asian Community
12. My Turning Point: Military Service in Afghanistan
13. Unity within Diversity
14. Future of an Asian Community: Importance of Understanding Other Cultures
15. A Wonderful Course that Fosters Diverse Viewpoints

鮎川 良 経済ジャーナリスト

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